December 10 2011- Major Set Back

Our pride and joy motor had to be sacrificed for the better of our customers!

We are currently building a new motor for this car, so stay tuned its going to be a long winter.

It was determined to make the best of this, and build this motor bigger and better than before.


Project Car Gets Wiring Work Done – Oct 18 2011

Today we decided to dig into some wiring with the project car, and let me tell you there was plenty of it.

Keep in mind most of the wiring needs to be removed, since we are doing a full STI swap, and utilizing all the hardware the STI has to offer, including harnesses/ECU/ETC

A couple things will need to be tweaked, but they are minor (such as the sun roof on the RS (non existent on the STI) and headlights. The thing most important here is patience, and organization!

Taran and Justin were eager to tackle the most “not fun” part of this project… wires!

Project car gets new wheels


We are running these XXR wheels in a 17x 8.25 this season. The blue compliments the Subaru blue, as many of you know.

Not sure what we will be running for tires yet, but with our ISC N1 Coilovers ( we will be able to gain a very ideal stance.

We are also running Eibach camber bolts, and whiteline swaybars.


RSTi is out of storage!

After a long, very busy summer (thanks to our customers!) we have pulled the RSTi out of storage and brought it to our shop!

The Motor and transmission along with drivetrain have been installed on the car. Next up is to tackle the 70 pounds of wiring that need to be run through the car and setup. This will be quite possibly the most labor intensive project yet for the RSTi. So many different things need to be hooked up and tested.

As she sits now:


Subframe Install

Thank you Subaru for keeping many of your components universal! Today we installed the 2004 STI rear end into our 1998 2.5RS platform. To our surprise it went pretty well. We swapped over control arms and subframe from the STI since the STI platform is a bit wider, so it will give us a more aggressive and functional stance hence why our wide body kit is going to be so crucial to making this project a success from a geometry standpoint. 

Time to Pull the STI Motor

Hopefully we will have it out today.

From there we are going to build the motor a bit, thanks to

CP Pistons

Gates Timing Belt

OEM gaskets


Time to Pull the motor

Wide Body?!

Anyone know a good source for a widebody kit (22b style) for this RS?

New XXR Wheels From AJW

Suspension Kit of Choice


ISC Suspension