About The Project

“A USDM STI swap into the RS platform has always been a dream of mine”, says Andrew Wallace (owner of AJW Peformance). This project became a reality when we (AJW Performance) picked up a wrecked 2004 STI in Feb of 2011. The RS platform was purchased this past summer, and has patiently waited for it’s donor. Our goal it to make a car that can do it all; from shows to road course track events to Sunday car meets, this car will be able to do it all. Our main objective is to make it a well rounded machine, which balances power, handling, and style into a wonderful blend of Subaru goodness.

With the commitment of several individuals, and the support of our sponsors we will be able to make this project a functional reality by summer of 2011. Stay tuned as we update our blog with the progression of the STI swap car project.